Update on releases

DVP 23 Thrash Attack zine #10
30 years of German speed and thrash metal, 212 pages, Din A4 sized and pro printed, filled with tons of interviews.

DVP 22 Eliminator – Krieg Thrash CD
The great debut album of this pure and merciless thrashing beast from Germany! Comes with an unexpected cover song.

DVP 21 Iron Dogs – Cold Bitch CD
Obscure heavy/speed metal from Canada. Gives me a cool old heavy metal and NWOBHM vibe.

DVP 20 Attic/Walpurgis Night – split 7” last copies, soon to be sold out.

DVP 16 Borrowed Time – Fog in the Valley 7” First press is completely SOLD OUT by now.
The slightly changed (blue vinyl) REPRESS is available from the shop.

DVP 15 Farscape/Hellkommander – I piss on your Grave 7” available from the shop.

DVP 07 Necronomicon Beast – Necromando MC SOLD OUT

DVP 06 Riotor – Beast of Riot MC is SOLD OUT.

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