Are you a band, a fan club or a label looking for a reliable and easy way to produce merchandise or records?

You don’t feel like comparing tons of offers and dealing with sometimes complicated handlers who might be located abroad or unprofessional suppliers? Or maybe you are unsure about the technical requirements and specifics and need professional expertise?

Dying Victims Productions can help you out by serving as your broker. This means that I can organise any music or merchandise project for you for a small fee.

Over the course of more than a decade, DVP has built a network of reliable suppliers that can offer competetive prices for great quality. Moreover, they have acquired a broad expertise through trial-and-error and many awesome releases (160 productions and counting).

Since prices depend on many aspects, please get in touch with your ideas, the quantities you need and we will discuss your project in detail. If your desired products are not listed below, send a request nonetheless!

Silkscreen/discharge ink: T-shirts, sweatshirts, longsleeves, totebags, etc.
Metal pins, buttons, bottle openers
Woven patches, shapes, silkscreened backpatches
All vinyl, CD, cassette and special edition boxsets productions
Graphic design:
Merch, record, flyer, tourposter designs