Relocation complete. Back in Germany

The DVP headquarters are back in Germany. Shipping is way cheaper again.
Since I will be on the road a lot in the next few months, might IRON ELA of IRON KOBRA will take care of the shipping.

All other label duties remain in my hands, i.e. nothing is changed.
Expect a ton of killer new releases, including
DVP 43 Condor – Condor MC
DVP 44 Töxik Death – Speed Metal Hell MC
DVP 45 Cadaveric Poison – Fight for Evil 7”
DVP 46 Demon Bitch – Death is hanging MC
DVP ?? Gatekrashör – Gatekrashör MC
DVP ?? Speedbreaker – Built for Speed CD
DVP ?? Töxik Death/Condor – Split 7”
DVP ?? Whipstriker – Black Rose Killz 7”
DVP ?? Barrow Wight 7”

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