“Music for people that would rather go wild!

Borrowed Time comes out of their dank heavy metal basement for their first 7 inch release as a fully operational band! No longer sequestered in their Fortress of please let me die in Solitude, these Metal rabble rousers are out of their shells and ready to make you dream. You’ll hear new twists, such as a tight and rumbling rhythm section, trade off solos and harmony vocals that go bonzo gonzo!
Think less of the dark castles and deep switches evoked by the 2010 demo and more of completely off the wall rockin’ acts such as Marquis de Sade and Savage!
“Fog in the Valley” calls to mind the irrepressible spirit of Bleak House along with the aforementioned Marquis, while “Midnight Tygers” blitzkriegs through like Incubus going Loose and Lethal!” (j.p.)

!!!!!!!NOTICE: the 7” comes with printed labels and a 45 hole (= big) (the picture shows only the testpress)!!!!!!!!!!!

500 copies, all black vinyl. 5€ per copy

order from: http://www.dyingvictims.com/shop

Labels and distributors get in touch for wholesales and trades.

you can listen to one song here: http://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions

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