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Check some tunes here: https://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions

DVP 90 Throaat – Reflections in Darkness LP / CD

After several demo and ep releases as well as line-up changes, the force from New York is back with the debut album. Leaving some of the thrash roots in the background the two-piece now concentrates more on the harsh and eerie black metal side, or as they call it: sepulchral, ancient and disgusting metal!

500 copies, with insert, poster, sticker and download code. 400 on black vinyl, 100 on clear vinyl. The special edition includes an additional patch.

CD comes as a digipack with additional sticker.

LP Cover online
DVP 93 Defeater – Endless Ray MC

Powerful and really energetic new band from Chile. The four guys and one girl know what is important in heavy and speed metal. Fast guitars, great melodies and sweeping vocals. Definitely lots more to come after this first taste of Chilean steel.

300 pro done tapes with on body print, sticker and button.

artwork (cmyk)

DVP 94 Tension – Tension MC

These newcomers are gonna blow you away! The first four songs they have ever recorded are awesome hard rocking heavy metal with intriguing and sometimes slightly melancholic vocals. Each and every track will get stuck in your head immediately.
A first song will be presented by Deaf Forever early next week.

300 pro done tapes with on body print, sticker and button.

Later on 500 MLPs with insert, poster, sticker, download code.



Short information on DVP 81 JT Ripper / Morbid Panzer – Revenge of the Morbid Ripper 7”:

The Printers fucked it up and the Coverfolders will arrive next week, so together with the Tapes the release date will be the 10th November.