— Represses out now // March vinyl releases delayed —

DVP 167 Megaton Sword – Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire LP 2nd press
(2nd press pretty much gone already, 3rd press ordered. This time no special edition, but only black vinyl)

DVP 161 Blackevil – Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire LP 2nd press

DVP 172 Significant Point – Into the Storm LP 2nd press

Unfortunately, the late march vinyl releases will be delayed – still waiting for the pressing plant to confirm a fixed date. Sorry about that!
The CD editions will be out next week on 26th and start shipping from monday onwards.

DVP 177 WITCHSEEKER – Scene of the Wild LP
DVP 178 Evil – Possessed by Evil Pic LP
DVP-R 002 MP – Bursting Out LP