Rags for the Dying – Official band merch

The plan is to create some killer official merchandise for old and new bands. Limited numbers of items will be available, so don’t miss out. Prices are kept as low as possible considering the high quality textiles and prints.


Check out the first three installments:

Ashbury (USA) – Endless Skies Shirt / girlie / woven patch
Amazing hard rock melodies – one of the best re-discoveries in the last years.


Cloven Hoof – s/t baseball shirt / patch
One of the all-time faves of the NWOBHM!


Sacrifice – Torment in Fire shirt / hoodie / patch
Totally out of control thrash – the way it was meant to be.


And finally out now:

DVP 71 IRON CURTAIN – Guilty as Charged MC + Shirt

The great third album by these Spanish heavy metal speed freaks. All tapes come with a button and sticker.
Limited run of 50 are accompanied by a killer shirt.

IC Package (653x800)

Also up for pre-order and to be released in June:

DVP 72 OCCVLTA – Night without End CD / Shirt
DVP 74 Vigilance – Hammer of Satan’s Vengeance LP / CD
DVP 78 Blackevil – The Ceremonial Fire LP
DVP 79 Rotör – Musta Käsi CD
DVP 80 Indian Nightmare – Taking back the Land LP