Pre-order: Venator, Spectre, Lynx, Schizophrenia

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new Pre-orders:

DVP 205 Venator – Echoes from the Gutter LP/CD/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Austria’s VENATOR, Echoes From the Gutter, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats. 

Despite forming in 2016, it was not until 2020 when VENATOR made their recorded debut with the EP Paradiser. Nevertheless, the three songs contained therein were an incredibly auspicious first start, showing VENATOR as a band seemingly thawed out from 1983, so authentic and skyward was their songwriting. Wrapped in a uniquely retro-futuristic production, Paradiser pointed the way forward for VENATOR, and the buzz began to build. 

Now, that buzz is gonna boil over with the band’s full-length debut, Echoes From the Gutter. Graced with yet another amazingly era-authentic artwork courtesy of frontman Hans Huemer, Echoes From the Gutter takes the melody and moodiness of its no-less-inconsiderable predecessor to uncharted heights (and depths!) of glory, both grimy and gleaming. Right from the record’s very first seconds, VENATOR burst and bristle with an electricity that’s positively, stunningly addicting; ANTHEM after ANTHEM is doled out with almost laissez-faire ease, each hook hoisted heavenly and then brought back down to – yes – the gutter. It’s the kind of album that walks that fine line between street-level and upwardly-mobile, much like heavy metal’s forerunning bands of the early 1980s, when the landscape of conquest from club to stadium was still a special dream. Or, simply submit to the emotive vocals of Huemer, whose heart-on-sleeve clarity commands his bandmates onward, they in kind delivering a truly impassioned performance that encompasses many speeds and many moods, but always with those HOOKS front and center – and fucking GODLY solos! Seriously: the solos here!!! 

Anyone pining for the 1983/’84 peak of the likes of Tokyo Blade, Grim Reaper, OZ, Witch Cross, Heavy Load, and even Judas Priest but adding to that hallowed lineage rather than plagiarizing it, you’ve found your new modern classic in VENATOR’s Echoes From the Gutter

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on cyan blue vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
– CD edition with sticker.
– MC with sticker, button and download code.

Out 25th February.

DVP 206 Spectre – Drifter / The Black Jewel 7″

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a brand-new EP from Australia’s SPECTRE, Drifter, on 7” vinyl format.  

SPECTRE is the sterling heavy metal vision of Will Spectre. Formed in 2017, the band made its recorded debut that summer with the two-song Silver Invaders / Stand Alone single on the cult Heavy Chains label, which DYING VICTIMS released on 7” vinyl later that year. SPECTRE’s primary influences are heavy metal and hard rock of the late ’70s and early ‘80s, and they continued that streak with the Hard Attacks digital single in 2018. 

Now back with DYING VICTIMS, SPECTRE return with another short-yet-satisfying recording in the two-song Drifter. On this record, Will Spectre is joined by his heavy friends Jake Glas (Outcast/Teuton) on vocals and David Harrington-George (The Wizar’d/Tarot) on bass. Indeed, as the cover slyly nods to cult Japanese psychedelia surely known to the most devout trainspotters, so, too, do SPECTRE here sprinkle spices from Will Spectre’s other musical conjurings – namely, The Wizar’d, Tarot, Dracula, and Crypt Vapor. What results on the title track “Drifter” and its flipside “The Black Jewel” is pure vintage bathos and pathos, the hard rocking moodier and more mysterious yet also more immediate and, somehow, disarmingly human in its naked bravado. The A-side gets the chest thumping and fists shaking, while the B-side is a haunting vision in velet: simple, sure, but also sublime. What dream singles are made of! 

– 7″ with sticker and download code.

Out 25th February.

DVP 208 Lynx – Watcher of Skies MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present LYNX’s debut album “Watcher of the Skies” on music cassette format.

Lynx is a Heavy Rock Band, formed early 2020 in Gießen, Germany. After releasing their first demo recordings, they signed with No Remorse Records from Greece for their debut album. Fans of early „Boston“ or „Scorpions“ records should have a listen. Their sound is an unique approach towards guitar music of the 70s and 80s.

MC with sticker, button and download code.

Out 25th February.

DVP 209 Schizophrenia – Recollections of the Insane MC / exclusive LP color

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SCHIZOPHRENIA’s debut album Recollections Of The Insane on music cassette format. Additionally, DVP will be selling an exclusive, strictly limited purple color vinyl edition of the album. 

Back in January 2020, SCHIZOPHRENIA came out of nowhere with their self-released debut EP “Voices” to hit the Extreme Metal underground like a bomb. With a relentless cocktail of high-adrenaline Death Metal and groovy mid-tempo elements, the band took the heavy scene by storm and soon became known for their distinctively heavy yet dynamic sound, bursting with detail and intensity.

Now, the four-piece from Antwerp, Belgium, reveal the first details of their highly anticipated debut studio album Recollections Of The Insane, which will see the light of day on February 25th, 2022 (on tape). With nine brand new tracks spanning over 43 minutes, the band’s upcoming record picks up where “Voices” left off, with going even further in every aspect, sometimes even flirting with some melodic Death/Black Metal influences! Morbid Angel, Demolition Hammer, Slayer, early Sepultura, Dissection, Death, At The Gates, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Pestilence…if any of these bands already gets you going, then imagine a blend of all of them combined with SCHIZOPHRENIA’s unique and fresh interpretation of Extreme Metal!

– MC with sticker, button and download code.
– Exclusive, purple colored vinyl edition.

Out 25th February.