OUT NOW: Kontact, Boundless Chaos, Heavy Sentence

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new releases:

DVP 279 Kontact – Full Contact LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present KONTACT’s highly anticipated debut album, Full Contact, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Borne out of metal and bred for the purpose of learning, The Alien (ex-Blackrat) conceived of KONTACT with then-bandmate Sven Nilson (Antichrist [Sweden], ex-Mystik). A surrogate cult of memberz was necessitated by the great dying of 2020AD, during which The Alien was imprisoned in its home continent of “Canada,” where the group yet persistz. Joined by Matt B1257+12Z (Traveler) and Morh Morf Xela (Hrom) on guitarz, as well as a yet-unidentified force “Unknown” (Chieftain) on drumz, KONTACT began broadcasting obscure and ancient signalz throughout the underground, influenced by the mythic teachingz of Manilla Road, Accept, Master’s Hammer, and otherz.

Now finally ready for transmission, Full Contact is KONTACT’s primum opus, a compendium of stellar hymnz meant to hasten the arrival of the world beyond. Bent backwardz yet strangely (or eerily) approachable, Full Contact inhabits a neon-hazed utopia/dystopia where sleaze metal fuses DNA with tech-thrash – where busyness and commerce collide in resplendent sci-fi dayglo. “Weird” and “wild” are merely human wordz to describe KONTACT’s highly idiosyncratic approach, but to them, such loaded terms exist in star-planes far, far from their orbit. Rather, the eight clusters of crushing & collapsing tonez and robot/reptilian vocalz – in other words, eight “songs” – flow with a finesse that seems second nature; hookz are thus immediate, but not always easy. KONTACT make this metal for themselvez, and you listen. You might then take on a transformation: an astral vampire, an emperor of dreams, a bloodchild, a watcher at the edge of time, or simply one into heavy leather. All is possible here, as infinite as the stained-glass synthz percolating across the album. Either way, you WILL feel the force of Full Contact head on…or head off! 

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on ultra clear vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
CD edition with sticker and obi.

DVP 281 Boundless Chaos – Sinister Upheaval LP/CD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BOUNDLESS CHAOS’ highly anticipated debut album, Sinister Upheaval, on CD and vinyl LP formats.
Hailing from Germany, the land ever brimming with ancient thrash metals, BOUNDLESS CHAOS was begotten in the year of 2017 when M.F., P.K, T.B., and M.J. heaved bloody deathrash straight up from the ashes of hellfire. With a brutal barrage of drums, slashing guitars, and throbbing bass-lines, they unapologetically worship the sound of the old. In 2019, E.M. completed the force. Now whole, BOUNDLESS CHAOS have been spitting the hellish gospel of chaos, upheaval, fire, and antifascism across an EP in 2020 and then two splits in 2020 – one with Idle Ruin, the second with fellow Germans Reign in Blood.
Still, the best was yet to come, and it’s now arrived in BOUNDLESS CHAOS’ debut album, Sinister Upheaval. Aptly titled, Sinister Upheaval is a ravaging onslaught of deathened thrash built upon a blazing foundation of early Dark Angel, Possessed, Texas’ Devastation, Sepultura’s Schizophrenia, and of course, Sodom’s Persecution Mania (and even Agent Orange!). Here, BOUNDLESS CHAOS stick to their tried ‘n’ true formula, but simply maximize the muscle and tighten the execution; when graced with a well-rounded (yet requisitely dirty) production, the result is nothing short of powerful. And adding to the CHAOS is Malte Gericke (Sijjin, ex-Necros Christos), who does guest vocals on “Guillotine.” No gimmicks, no modernity, no non-metal influences – just straightforward & straight-ahead THRASH METAL from the unholy years of 1986 and ’87, torched to a crisp, and set to conflagrate YOU!

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on white vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.
CD edition with sticker and obi.

DVP 282 Heavy Sentence – Warriors of Madness 7″

DYING VICTIMS is proud to present a new 7” EP from HEAVY SENTENCE titled Warriors of Madness.

It’s been nearly three years from their celebrated Bang to Rights debut album, but HEAVY SENTENCE are back with DYING VICTIMS for a quick-hitting and heavily satisfying 7” titled Warriors of Madness. Featuring three brand-new & exclusive tracks, Warriors of Madness maintains all the charm of that first full-length – deceptively energetic mid-tempo HEAVY METAL roughened up by the spectre of punk, much like those early days of the NWOBHM – but switches gears slightly by “slicking up” that street-level throb with a production style that’s thick and clean and yet somehow dirtier than the already exquisitely dirty Bang to Rights. As expected, either way, HEAVY SENTENCE keep proceedings as anthemic as ever, with the first two tracks storming & strutting like early ‘80s Motörhead. But the price of admission is more than worth it for the B-side, “Give Yourself to the Night”: a moody “epic” at five minutes, it stalks like a midnight vampire, beckoning and commanding in equal measure. Join these Warriors of Madness post-haste!

7″ comes with sticker, download code