PRE-ORDER: Death Racer MC, Hexenbrett CD, Night Eternal/Hexenbrett MLP Repress

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the Pre-orders of the following new releases and represses:

DVP 152 Death Racer – Qualifying MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present DEATH RACER’s debut demo “Qualifying” on music cassette.

Three maniacs from Austria were brought together by their evil appreciation of burning rubber on hot asphalt. Bruce Pirelli, Frankenstein and Johnny Brise are all experienced musicians in bands such as Kringa, Hagzissa, Eisenhand or Chainbreaker, yet decided they needed to hail SPEED METAL enhanced with nods to rough heavy metal and gnarly punk attitude. Care for some insane shrieks close to Deathhammer, then put on your helmet and get into your racer. After all, what is more insane than speeding with 300 km/h and crashing straight into a concrete wall?

All Tapes with Sticker and Button

Release date: 24th April

DVP 140 Hexenbrett – Erste Beschwörung  MCD edition + MLP Repress

HEXENBRETT is an entity that provides cemetery sounds exclusively. The first invocation, fittingly entitled Erste Beschwörung, is a sample of what will follow in the future. Roaming ancient dungeons with sword in one hand and torch in the other, HEXENBRETT conjures the madness and mysticism of olde-worlde black metal, when unorthodoxy was celebrated and no blueprints yet existed – only paths to be blazed! Indeed does HEXENBRETT blaze across this four-song/19-minute offering, remaining firmly rooted in the purest metals but fanning those flames with a creepy, coffin-dwelling atmosphere that puts Erste Beschwörung in a league all its own, also incorporating eldritch doom and deathrock into this wildly bubbling cauldron. And it’s early days still…

No boundaries, no limitations: HEXENBRETT digs its own unique grave with Erste Beschwörung, and the cemetery is wide-fucking-open. The spell was cast, the demons are here – let the haunting begin!

REPRESS with slightly adjusted layout and patch.
Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on clear vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.

MCD comes with Sticker

Release date: late May


DVP 127 The Night Eternal – The Night Eternal MLP Repress

Although THE NIGHT ETERNAL’s first public recording, already, these Germans are evincing the mastery of veterans. Across their three original compositions and a reverentially poignant cover of Judas Priest’s “(Take These) Chains,” the quintet concoct a supremely powerful and stirringly moody sort of heavy metal, both traditionally pure-steel in their dynamics yet also brimming with epicness and a sort of forlorn heroism. In fact, early ’80s Judas Priest is an apt reference for The Night Eternal‘s night-prowling style, all gleaming chrome and classy, but bespeaking an ever-present darkness beneath that alluring exterior. Of course, hooks are massive as are the commanding vocals of frontman Ricardo, who’s already on his way to being a first class heavy metal singer in his own right, but it’s the chemistry among the five members of THE NIGHT ETERNAL that puts this beyond most other debut recordings: truly, their fire and fluidity are magick to behold! Appropriately moody cover art courtesy of Brouemaster Visual Decay.

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
Special edition on white vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and new patch.

Release date: late May