OUT NOW: Soulcaster, NNM, Aggressive Perfector, Bastard Priest, Töxik Death

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following releases:

DVP 159 Soulcaster – Maelstrom of Death and Steel MLP/MCD

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SOULCASTER’s striking debut mini-album, Maelstrom of Death and Steel, on CD and 12” vinyl formats.

A brand-new entity hailing from Belgium, the sword-swinging brigands of SOULCASTER shall make their mark across the metal underground with their five-song Maelstrom of Death and Steel. In a swift-but-satisfying 22 minutes, SOULCASTER erect towers of fantastical heavy metal might, evincing a stout grasp of epic-yet-punchy songwriting and a whole host of unique contrasts which render this recording advanced beyond the band’s young years. Raw yet refined, atmospheric yet aggressive, moody yet majestic, SOULCASTER bring to life both bloodshed and arcane intrigue, swords and sorcery. Not for nothing is the record titled Maelstrom of Death and Steel: the name embodies the ongoing turmoil in Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, the book series that lends the band its moniker and forms the setting for the entire EP

Initially, the concept behind SOULCASTER was to recast forebears of the epic metal tradition – Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Slough Feg, and early Blind Guardian – and their literary antecedents (Tolkien, Moorcock, Robert E. Howard) and do a modern interpretation of it: thus, newer fantasy as the inspiration, and also more contemporary classicist heavy metal like Eternal Champion, Sumerlands, and Visigoth. But, what results across Maelstrom of Death and Steel is entirely SOULCASTER’s, as the band’s blend of musical influences both metal and otherwise makes the record a rich ‘n’ sumptuous feast of fantasy and fanaticism. Of especial note is the rhythmic thrust they employ, galloping like steeds of the apocalypse or at least in a manner more post-punk than other epic metal battalions – truly, sounds of the battlefield here – which are all the more heightened by the big and booming and somehow distant production style, lending even more mystery to SOULCASTER’s ruminations on steel & spell.

Unselfconsciously unique whilst honoring heavy metal’s iron-clad customs, SOULCASTER thrust you into a Maelstrom of Death and Steel!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download link.
– Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, woven patch and download link.

– MCD with sticker.

DVP 160 N.N.M. – Neanderthal Noise Machine MLP

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present NEANDERTHAL NÖISE MACHINE’s striking debut mini-album, Neanderthal Nöise Machine, on 12” vinyl format.

Although a brand-new entity, NEANDERTHAL NÖISE MACHINE (acronym NNM) is a power-trio comprised of metal veterans: Alimai (In League With Satan, Bestial Evil), Ace (Witchunter, Bestial Evil), and Bastard (Blasphemophagher, Ripping Death, Bestial Evil, ex-Baphomet’s Blood). Knowing what they want and wanting it now, NNM mix together furious, dirty, and raw old-school metal influenced by Bronze-era Motörhead, the Fast Eddie Clarke solo project, Venom (1980-‘84), Saxon (1978-‘85), AC/DC (1975-‘79), Sweden’s Gehennah, the Mentors (1981-‘89), Discharge (1981-‘84), Fingernails (1984-‘88), Bathory (1983-‘84), Rose Tattoo (1978-‘82), Eatmyfuk, and Tank (1981-‘84).

Specific these influences may be, but they’re crucial in underlining exactly where Neanderthal Nöise Machine is coming from – and where it’s going, like a locomotive to Hell. Indeed, NNM’s first strike is deadly, salaciously swift at six songs in 18 minutes, crashing the heavy metal vomit party – uninvited, of course! – and proceeding to rudely treat those partygoers, who had no justification being there in the first place. Truly, this is primordial metal for the purist, for those who uphold the law…of the unlawful, and the awful!

Just f-f-feel Ace’s monumental guitar work together with the characteristically bulldozing bass of Bastard, then further submit to the hammering drums and distinctly early ‘80s vocal style of Alimai: there’s simply no faking this; it’s got to be FUCKING REAL. The relentless riffs and rough ‘n’ tumble arrangements, combined with a direct live-recording production in the pure old-school style, altogether make NNM’s sound highly distinctive in this landscape of the plastic and disposable.

In this nowadays “metal” scene full of nice boys, NEANDERTHAL NÖISE MACHINE are ready to be the bad guys in the movie of your life. From the depths of Neanderthal hell, rise with Neanderthal Nöise Machine !!!

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download link.
– Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, woven patch and download link.

DVP 129 Aggressive Perfector – Havoc at the Midnight Hour LP/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to repress AGGRESSIVE PERFECTOR’s striking debut album, Havoc at the Midnight Hour, on vinyl LP and music cassette formats.

Following up their 2016 release Satan’s Heavy Metal, Aggressive Perfector’s debut full length, Havoc At The Midnight Hour, finds the English trio in resolutely evil form  as they take a major step forward on their path of destruction.

Embracing a wealth of haunted sounds and textures, this sepulchral slab of metal conjures an atmosphere rich in the romantic repugnance of horror’s past masters which it uses the setting for a 37 minute nightmare of nocturnal menace, occult fascination and bloody vengeance.

Summoning the ghosts of Metal past – Tank, Slayer, Venom and Mercyful Fate all playing a part- Havoc… fixates on the nuclear fury of an apocalyptic future, from which it culls new ways to pervert the course of heavy metal in the present.

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker and download link.
– Special edition on colored vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, woven patch and download link.

– MC edition with sticker and button.

DVP 163 Töxik Death – Sepulchral Demons MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present TÖXIK DEATH’s 2nd album, Sepulchral Demons, on cassette format.

Due to severe line-up problems, it took the Norwegian black thrashers several years until this glorious return with their sophomore album! When the debut tried to get as fast as possible, this 2nd effort is more varied and next to the obvious evil thrash classic vibes you can also identify some d-beat influences as well.

MC comes with sticker and button.

DVP 164 Bastard Priest – Vengeance​.​.​.​Of The Damned MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present BASTARD PRIEST’s new ep, Vengeance… of the Damned, on cassette format.

Raw and filthy death metal from Sweden is BACK! Bastard Priest have taken their time, yet undo the almost 10 years lasting waiting period easily with these 4 new tracks. “Vengeance…Of The Damned” continues exactly the same way where they left their fans rotting. Evil death metal for the underground.

Regular MC edition with sticker and button.
Special MC edition with sticker and woven patch.