Out now: Nocturnal, Hellcrash, Sandstorm 2nd press

Dying Victims Productions is proud to announce the following new releases:

DVP 185 Nocturnal – Serpent Death LP/CD/MC

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the long-awaited fourth album of Germany’s NOCTURNAL, Serpent Death, on CD, vinyl LP and music cassette formats. 

A veritable institution, NOCTURNAL have been flying the flag of hate and inciting a riot of violence since the year 2000. Helmed by founding guitarist Avenger (whose other credits are far too vast to list here), NOCTURNAL set about their prolific course with a flurry of demo tapes and splits with the likes of Nunslaughter, Vomitor, Bestial Mockery, and Toxic Holocaust among others, all culminating in their momentous Arrival of the Carnivore debut album in 2005. Back then, hailing the old Teutonic gods of thrash – namely the “Big Three” of Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction, but not withstanding Deathrow, Assassin, Exumer, Darkness, Violent Force, and Necronomicon as well as Razor and early Sepultura abroad – was rather unfashionable, but it was NOCTURNAL who had the last laugh, as the second worldwide thrash resurgence was about to begin, and there they stood, undaunted and defiant. 

Thereafter, NOCTURNAL continued to honor the old underground ways with another flurry splits and vinyl EPs, before second LP Violent Revenge arrived in 2009. Thus far, NOCTURNAL’s albums were more finely honed and better-produced expressions of those prolific UG releases, and they kept apace with that schematic through the release of their third LP, Storming Evil, in 2014. By then, lineup troubles had begun to plague the band and slow their momentum, and thereafter was all quiet on the Western front. But at long last, the ultimate revenge arrives with Serpent Death! 

As aptly titled as any NOCTURNAL full-length so far, Serpent Death slithers and strikes with a venomous menace. Arguably the band’s best-produced as well as best-played record to date, Serpent Death loses not an ounce of power and poignancy; if anything, NOCTURNAL sound more energetic than ever, revitalized and ripping and defying their seemingly advanced age. Whereas the preceding Storming Evil perhaps leaned too much on the cleaner side of things, Serpent Death is robustly analog, flexing both muscle and clarity, all while remaining steadfastly analog. Further, there’s more (but subtle) twists in the songwriting and dynamics, evincing an ageless metal wisdom whilst not sacrificing any urgency in the process. Avenger, as always, is an absolute riff-machine, firing off memorable lines right and left, but he’s more-than-ably backed up by a blood-red-vital rhythm section in bassist Incinerator and drummer John Berry. New vocalist Invoker has a rougher and more hollering voice, perfectly suited for these classic metal-inclined tunes. So, less “sharp” pure thrash and more “warmer” traditional metal: it’s a trade-off that pays in spades on Serpent Death

Timeless, eternal, both behind the times and ahead of ‘em – there’s few bands with a body of work quite like NOCTURNAL. Even if it’s another five-plus years between albums, Serpent Death handily satisfies with a sound that’s so old, it’s new! 

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition sold out
– Limited box set sold out

– CD edition with sticker.
– MC edition with sticker, button and download code.

DVP 188 Hellcrash – Krvcifix Invertör LP

DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present HELLCRASH’s striking debut album, Krvcifix Invertör, on vinyl LP format. 

A power-trio hailing from Italy, HELLCRASH have been brewing their sick & sleazy delights in the underground for nearly a decade now. A couple demos and a split saw the dark of day during the years 2013-2015, but then silence ensued until the next strike was ready to reveal its expurse of sodomy. At long last, it arrives bearing the title Krvcifix Invertör. 

HELLCRASH’s long-awaited debut full-length, Krvcifix Invertör succinctly summarizes the HELLCRASH experience and then some. Crude and rude, the trio’s fixations still remain firmly entrenched in very early Slayer and Venom, but deliriously dark new sensations spring forth here, giving HELLCRASH a foreign-yet-familiar aspect that works immeasurably in their favor. Heads bang, fists pound, pelvises throb, and the dirt of the earth gets bulldozed back and forth by their extremely simple yet extremely finessed compositions. Verily, Krvcifix Invertör is the metal of old: thrash when it was called “power metal,” speed metal before thrash took over, metalpunk before that was even thought of or at least before domestic icons Bulldozer took a turn toward cleanliness, or just HEAVY METAL when that was everything that was loud and proud but not glitz and glam. Naturally, “evil” is everywhere, and so is EVIL, so wide-ranging is HELLCRASH’s landscape between filth and fun. Whatever you want to call it, Krvcifix Invertör is timeless and untrendy and TRUE!  

– Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card and download code.
– Special edition on red vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, post card, download code and patch.

DVP 173 Sandstorm – Desert Warrior MLP 2nd press

The ancient sounding warrior three-piece from Canada is back with 4 new epic Heavy Metal tunes.

Regular edition on black vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, postcard and download code.
Special edition on silver vinyl, with insert, poster, sticker, postcard, alernative woven patch and download code