Out Now! 8 new tape releases + official Bulldozer T-shirt + PRE-ORDERS

Out Now!

8 new tape releases!
All of them come with stickers and buttons. Get them separately or as a bundle for a reduced price.
Check one song each here: https://soundcloud.com/dying-victims-productions

DVP 73 Antagonist – Frozen to Death MC

This young three piece from Germany delivers a great blackened thrash demo. All three exchange vocal duties. 



Antagonist MC (594x800)


DVP 82 Cadaveric Poison – Cadaveric Poison MC

Evil and rancid old school death metal featuring Speckman from Master and Witchburner Members.


Cadaveric Poison MC (587x800)

DVP 83 Infant Death – Total Hell MC

The sick and reckless Norwegians do not hold back at all but attack with their rough death/thrash. Second album on tape.


Infant Death II MC (606x800)

DVP 84 Infant Death – Violent Rites MC

The bastards with their latest, third album now on tape.

Infant Death MC (662x800)

DVP 85 Spiker – Saufen an der Meile MC

Das furiose Debutdemo der jungen deutschen aber vor allem wilden Heavy Rocker. Erinnert an alte Helden wie Booster oder Reforger.


Spiker MC (754x800)

DVP 86 Entrench – Through the Walls of Flesh MC

The Swedish thrash three piece is back with a brand new album. If you like hard and fast thrash with no bullshit then go for it!


Entrench MC 2017 (676x800)

DVP 87 Entrench – Violent Procreation MC

And even more shredding thrash metal, second album on tape.


Entrench II MC (641x800)

DVP 89 Vulture – The Guillotine MC

The highly anticipated debut album of high speed metal from Germany. All tapes with sticker, the limited edition comes with an additional metal pin.


Vulture MC (617x800)
Bulldozer – The final Separation T-shirt

A new official shirt under the banner of Rag for the Dying. Italian thrashers Bulldozer licensed this tribute design to “The final Separation”. Limited to 100 copies on Gildan Ultra Cotton.


Bulldozer Shirt (791x800)

DVP 91 Demon Bell – Evoked & Menacing MCD

5 tracks of evil blackened speed metal from Italian hell! Comes with a sticker.



Condor – Unstoppable Power Metal Pin

The killer second album has to be praised by this official silver metal pin. Limited to 100 pieces.



Iron Kobra – Logo Metal Pin

These heroes are soon releasing their new 7”, but for now get the official antique tin metal pin. Limited to 100 pieces.