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DVP 101 Wardance – Heaven is for sale LP / CD / T-Shirt

Reissue of this overlooked Speed Metal album from 1990. Strong female vocals give the record a  great individual touch. Remastered for Vinyl and CD.

CD version with sticker and bonus tracks from their 1988 MLP and 1994 Demo.
Regular LP version on black vinyl with insert, poster, sticker, download code.

Special LP version on red vinyl with insert, poster, sticker, download code and woven patch.



DVP 106 Nightmare – Nightmare MC
New Speed Metal from the USA, reissue of their very limited debut demo.

regular edition with button & sticker

special edition with sticker and woven patch

DVP 107 Crime – First Crime CD
Raw heavy metal duo from Chile with their debut ep, enhanced with a bonus track. 

Regular edition with sticker

Special edition with sticker and woven patch



Unfortunately there are two delays:
DVP 105 Megathérion – Megathérion MC
Some parts of the release were lost in the mail, so they have to be redone. Hopefully the release will be out in a week or so.
DVP 98 Spectre – Silver Invaders/Stand Alone 7”
The pressing plant faced problems and are currently trying to squeeze in the corrected pressing. So far early/mid October is what they offer me.
Sorry for that, thanks for your patience!