November Distro Update

Massive Distro update, lots of new and restocked LPs, CDs, Tapes:


ANTICHRIST – Sinful Birth

Ara – Gurre

Archangel – By Blood Be Birthed

Archangel – Nosferatu

ARMORED SAINT – Raising Fear
BLASFEMIA – Muerte Psicológica en Marcha

Cannibal – Fire Meets Steel 

Chainbreaker – Relentless Night

CHEVALIER – Ancient Metal Attack

CNTMPT – Von unreiner Willkür 

COUNT RAVEN – The Sixth Storm

COUNT RAVEN – Mammons War

Gallower – Behold the Realm of Darkness

Hadron – Hadron

Hadron – Evil Lady   

HELVETETS PORT – Exodus to Hell

Konfession – Wenn die Schatten Rufen

Legend – Contes Inachevés

LETHAL STEEL – Running from the Dawn  

LIZZY BORDEN – Give Em The Axe

METALIAN – Beyond the Wall

MONASTERIUM – Cold Are The Graves

MUTILATOR – Live at Lemmy´s Bar

MYSTIK – Mystik

NECRODEATH – Mater of All Evil

No Quarter – Songs In Circles

OUTRE-TOMBE – Répurgation

OUTRE-TOMBE – Nécrovortex

Pyre – Human hecatomb

Pyre – Chained to ossuaries

R.A.M.O.N. – Resurrección maldita de los falsos egos

Résistance – A Tale of Decadence

Rude – outer reaches

Skitzo – Thrash Slashing Hits

SORDID BLADE – Every Battle Has Its Glory

Steel Inferno – Aesthetics of Decay

Steel Inferno – …And the Earth Stood Still

Toca Madera – Toca Madera

Toca Madera – Horizontes Prohibidos

TÖXIK DEATH – Sepulchral Demons

TRENCH HELL – Southern Cross Ripper

THE TROOPS OF DOOM – The Absence Of Light

THE TROOPS OF DOOM – The rise of heresy

WHITE MANTIS – Sacrifice Your Future

Witchtower – Witches’ Domain


Invunche – Sacrificio

Outre tombe / Skelethal – Split 

Scalare – Knights in Satans Service


AFTERMATH – Don’t Cheer Me Up

AFTERMATH – Building Up To Meltdown

ALTAIR – Ghosts ‘n Sinners

ANTICHRIST – Crushing Metal Death

ANTICHRIST – Sinful Birth

Bafomet – f.o.a.d.i.f

BLACK ROSE – Walk It How You Talk It

Cannibal – Fire Meets Steel 

Capharnaüm – Capharnaüm

CARDINALS FOLLY – Deranged Pagan Sons
CLAW – Feel The Claw

CULPRIT – First Offense

DANTESCO – El día que murieron los dioses

Drifter – Anthology 1986-1988

ENGLISH DOGS – Forward into battle

GUEPPARDO – I am the Law

HADES – The Lost Fox Studio Sessions

Hedonist – Sepulchral lacerations

Impalers – The Celestial Dictator

Impalers – Power Behind the Throne

Impalers – From Ashes to Iro

Impalers – Styx Demon – The Master of Death

Impalers – Prepare For War

INSULTER – …To The Last!

JBP – Ataca

Konfession – Relics Of URD

Konfession – Wenn die Schatten rufen

METALIAN – Beyond the Wall

MONASTERIUM – Cold Are The Graves

MUTILATOR – Live at Lemmy´s Bar

NATION – Queen Of Rock

OUTRE-TOMBE – Répurgation

Paxtilence – Wildfire  

Phantasmagore – Insurrection or submission

POISON DAGGER – Looking for a fate

ROSARY – Telestai
Rude – Outer reaches
SAGRAT – Legado Sagrado-Demos 89/93

SEDUCER – Caught In The Act / Indecent Exposure

SORDID BLADE – Every Battle Has Its Glory

SPITFIRE – Nightmares

Steel Inferno – …And the Earth Stood Still  


Sulfuric – Into the darkness

THRASHIN’ SPAIN – 1987-1990

THE TROOPS OF DOOM – The Absence Of Light

THE TROOPS OF DOOM – The rise of heresy

TUNDRA – La Leyenda del País de los Hielos. 1986-1988

V.A. –  CONDENADOS AL OLVIDO IX – Ladies of Metal ll

V.A. – Spanish Steel Attack Vol. 3

V.A. – Spanish Steel Attack Vol. 4

VIGILANCE – Hounds Of Megiddo

WITCHNIGHT – Unholy Speed Metal  Black Speed

Witchtower – Witches’ Domain

ZABBETH – Zabbeth


Acid Blade – Power Dive

ANGEL DUST – Into the Dark Past

Armory – The Search

ATROCIOUS DEVASTATION – Nuclear Sword of Damocles

CNTMPT   Von unreiner Willkür  

CULT OF HORROR – Hermetik Heretik

DESTRUCTOR – Maximum Destruction

Filthgrave – Desecrator

FORCE OF HELL – Better be Dead

GOATEN – Crimson Moonlight/The Following

Hadron – Live at Noselake 

Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred
Killing – Face the Madness

LIVING DEATH – Metal Revolution

LIVING DEATH – Vengeance of Hell

LUZIFER – Iron Shackles
Mindless Sinner – Turn on the Power 
Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil 
Parasite Dreams – Self Centered And Too Late


Plague – Order of the Scythe  

Rät King – We Are The Rät King
Remser – Die Nacht Gehört Mir

Rude – Outer reaches  

Sarcator – s/t

SLAUGHTER – Strappado

Steel Inferno – …And the Earth Stood Still   

Stormdeath – Call of the Panzer Goat

TANK – Filth Hounds of Hades

TANK – Don’t Walk Away

TANK – Honour & Blood

TOWER – Shock to System

WANDERER – Awakening Force

WITCH CROSS – Fit for Fight


MAGNUS – Death rEvolution Book
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