May Distro Update

Massive Distro update, lots of new and restocked LPs, CDs, Tapes:

Acero Letal – Compendio
ASMODINA – Headbanger
DEATH OF GOD – Great Omnipotent Deceiver
DELIRIUM TREMENS – Thrashing Warthogs
DESASTER – Stormbringer
DESASTER – A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
GAMVETTA – Self titled
JONATHON STEWART – Syncopated Angel
KNIGHTMARE II – The Edge Of Knight
LAST RITES – Baptized In Hell
MACE ‘N’ CHAIN – Among Ancient Pillars
MALTEZE – Count Your Blessings
MAYHEM – As the world burns
MDXX – Same
MORTEM – The Devil Speaks In Tongues
MORTEM – Demon Tales
Power From Hell – The True Metal
ROSENFELD – Pigs of the empire
Sacrafice – The First Experience
SORCERY – Till Death Do We Part
Sorcery – Sinister Soldiers
WARHEAD – Kono omoi o doko e
WINTERKAT – The Struggle
WINTERKAT – Winterkat

HERZEL – Unis dans la Gloire
Hexoffender – The Dagger

Acero Letal – Compilatorio MMXXII
Alcool – Alta Velocidade
ASMODINA – Headbanger
Atlantis – The Final War
AMETHYST – Rock Knights
Amulett – Glass Breaker
Axe Crazy – Ride On The Night
Axe Steeler – On the Run
Axewitch – Lord of the Flies
Axewitch – Pray for Metal
Axewitch – The Last of the Dying Breed 
BATTERING RAM – Metal Through The Main Gate
Biter / Sweet Danger – Danger At First Bite
CENTURY – The Conquest Of Time
Chemicide – Common Sens
Demon Bitch – Death is Hanging + Demo ’12
Denigh – Denigh
DESASTER – Hellfire´s Dominion
Driveshaft Heartbreaker – The Anthology
Exit – Exit/Challenge
Extreme Noise Terror – Phonophobia
Extreme Noise Terror – A Holocaust In Your Head
Falcon – Easy Pray
Fast Evil – The Old Dark Stories
Filosa – Al Heavy Metal  
Flight 19 – The Anthology ‎
Hardrocker – Rider of the Night
Hellway Train / Hell Gun – Haunted Trip
Howler – Descendants of Evil
JONATHON STEWART – Syncopated Angel
Karisma – Sweet Revenge
Korrosive – Toxic Apocalypse
MACE ‘N’ CHAIN – Among Ancient Pillars              
MDXX – Same
Midnight Sacrifice – Black Rock ‘n’ Roll
Necronomicon – Unleashed Bastards
Necronomicon – The Final Chapter
Necronomicon – Constant to Death
O.T. FACTOR – The Factor’s Known
Paganfire – Of Deathblades and Bloodsoaked Paths… 
Raider – Darker than Night
Riotor – Recrudescence of Darkness
The Rods – Metal Will Never Die – The Official Bootleg Box Set 1981-2010
The Rods – Wild Dogs
Sauron – Conquest Through Attrition
Sauron – Thrash Assault
Savage Grace – Master of Disguise    
SCEPTER – I´m Going To Hell
SCHIZO – Delayed death
Screamer – Kingmaker
SEVENTH JESTER – Awaiting The New Messiah
Solitude Aeturnus – Through The Darkest Hour
Solitude Aeturnus – Downfall
Soothsayer – Troops of Hate
Storm – Storm
Titan – Into The Storm
Trapeze – Medusa
TROLL – Time Tells No Lies
V.A. – A week at the Bridge E16
Warhead Rising – On the Run
Wild Pussy – Mechanarchy
Witchhammer – Unholy Death
WITCHSLAYER – Witchslayer
Zenith – Death by Misadventure
Zona Morta – Nômades
Zuul- Out of Time
Zuul – To the Frontlines

Alcool – Alta Velocidade
Axe Steeler – On the Run
Critical Defiance – Misconception
Diamond Chazer – Chasing Diamonds
ESPADA  – Caleu
INSIGHT – Azael, part II: Mother’s Egregore
Lucifer’s Hammer – Time is Death
Massive Power – Defeated by Ignorance
PARKCREST – …And That Blue Will Tun To Red
Phronexis – Bodies go here
SOOTHSAYER – To Be A Real Terrorist
Tabernacle – Terror in Thrace
Tentation – Prémices
Thunda – Enlightened