July releases – vinyl delay

A short update on the new releases, scheduled for July 30th.

DVP 186 Karloff – The Appearing LP/CD/MC
DVP 187 Fate’s Hand – Fate’s Hand MLP/MCD
DVP-R 005 Breathless – Breathless LP/CD
DVP 191 Blitz – The Nachtmahr Sessions MC
DVP 193 Stress Angel – Bursting Church CD

➡️ All CDs and the Blitz MCs are here – preorders have started going out today!
Pre-orders of the Karloff MCs will ship in the end of next week, the inlays have been misprinted twice!

➡️ LPs:
They were supposed to be delivered 10 days ago – now they are scheduled for late August.
BUT: I will receive the black LP copies of Fate’s Hand and Breathless by late July and will start shipping them right away

Sorry about the delays.