Hexecutor, Power from Hell, Bandit, Iron Angel, Death Strike, Tension: Out now!


DVP 109 Hexecutor – Hangmen of Roazhon MCD
The French maniacs of Hexecutor are working on new material, yet noticed that record flippers are trying to earn big money on the long time sold out 7”. So naturally they wanted their 4 track ep re-released. The songs were remastered and now their merciless thrash metal onslaught sounds even stronger than before. Beware! After many requests following the MLP version, the MCD version is now here.
Comes with a sticker.














DVP 118 Power from Hell – Lust and Violence LP
Brazilian leading black thrash monster Power from Hell is constantly trying to keep their extensive back catalogue in print and therefore have once again teamed up with Dying Victims Productions to bring back their 2011 album “Lust and Violence” to honorary vinyl. Previously released in very limited numbers by local Mafer Records, this has been basically unavailable for most fans and collectors of their music. In addition, there is a brand new bonus track which shows their development in sound and style. To all the filthy metal sleazers out there, these guys are your new heroes.

Regular edition on black vinyl with insert, poster and sticker.
Special edition on white vinyl with insert, poster, sticker and woven patch.




DVP 126 Bandit – Stand & Deliver MCD
Finnish one-man-act Bandit is completely new to the scene. Bitchlord, who takes care of all the instruments here, however, has been around with his main black thrash band Terror Cross for a while. Thus, these first 6 tracks don’t seem like a first attempt at all. Bandit is blackened speed metal mania to the bone and has been compared to acts such as Toxic Holocaust, Midnight or even mighty Venom. Get your fix or “Get Nuked”!
Comes with a sticker.













Iron Angel – Logo Metal Pin
Dimensions: 50 mm x 20,1 mm
Limited to 150 copies.





Death Strike – Logo Metal Pin
Dimensions: 50 mm x 12.5 mm
Limited to 100 copies.





Tension – Logo Metal Pin
Dimensions: 50 mm x 33,6 mm
Limited to 100 copies.




Unfortunately, the other upcoming releases got delayed a bit and will hopefully be ready in 2-3 weeks, sorry for that!

DVP 116 Torpedo – Rocking Hard CD
DVP 120 Road Warrior – Power MC

DVP 122 Hitten – First Strike with the Devil CD
DVP 123 Hitten – State of Shock CD
DVP 125 Challenger – s/t CD


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