February Distro Update

Many new LPs, CDs and tapes added to the webshop!

ANACRUSIS – Manic Impressions
ANACRUSIS – Screams And Whispers
ANACRUSIS – Suffering Hour
ANGEL WITCH – Angel of Light  
BLASPHEME – Blaspheme
BLASPHEME – Desir De Vampyr
BOLT THROWER – Honour Valour Pride
BOLT THROWER – Mercenary
CIRITH UNGOL – Forever Black
CIRITH UNGOL – Frost And Fire
CIRITH UNGOL – King Of The Dead
CIRITH UNGOL – One Foot In Hell
CIRITH UNGOL – Paradise Lost
COBRA – Back From The Dead
COBRA – Warriors Of The Dead
COUNT RAVEN – Destruction Of The Void
COUNT RAVEN – Storm Warning
DEMON HEAD – Viscera
DESASTER – Tyrants of the Netherworld
DESASTER – Divine Blasphemies
EURYNOMOS – From the Valleys of Hades
FATES WARNING – Awaken The Guardian
FATES WARNING – Night On Bröcken
FATES WARNING – The Spectre Within  
HALLOWS EVE – Tales of Terror
INFERNAL ASSAULT – Forced by the Flames
INSULTERS – Metal Still Means Danger
IRONHAWK – To The Point!
JONAH QUIZZ – Ultimate Anthology
JUGGERNAUT – Baptism Under Fire
KETZER – Cloud Collider
KETZER – Endzeit Metropolis
KETZER – Satan’s Boundaries Unchained
LEGEND – From The Fjords
LEGEND – Before The Fjords
LIZZY BORDEN – Love You To Pieces
LIZZY BORDEN – Menace To Society
MERCYFUL FATE – Don’t Break The Oath
MERCYFUL FATE – In The Shadows
MERCYFUL FATE – Mercyful Fate
METALUCIFER – Heavy Metal Chainsaw 
MIDNIGHT – Rebirth By Blasphemy
Morning Mist – Amen
MORTEM – De Natura Daemonum
Night Cobra – In Praise of the Shadow
Paul Chain – Ash
RIPPER – Raising the Corpse
SADISTIC INTENT – Reawakening Horrid Thoughts
SLAYER – Hell Awaits
SLAYER – Live Undead
SLAYER – Show No Mercy
STEELWITCH – Steelwitch
Tony Tears – 30th Anniversary EP
TRIDENT – Power Of The Trident
VALHALLA – Unearthed
VISIGOTH – Conqueror’s Oath

APOCALYPTIC FEAR – Dawn of the Ritual
ARCHAIC THORN – In Desolate Magnificence
Atlain – Living in the dark
Attack – Danger in the air
Axe Crazy – Angry Machines
Axe Crazy – Ride On The Night
Axe Crazy – Hexbreaker
Beast – Stay Hard
BREAKER – In Days Of Heavy Metal…Reborn
Cloven Hoof – Dominator
Cloven Hoof – A Sultans Ransom
Coroner – Punishment for Decadence
Crossfire – Second Attack
Damien Steele – Same   
Dark Wizard – Devil´s Victim       
Dark Wizard – Reign of Evil
Death SS – Rock´n Roll Armageddon
DEIMLER – Zero One
DESASTER – Tyrants of the Netherworld
Despair – Decay of humanity
EF Band – One night stand
Elixir – Lethal Potion
EVILCULT – At the Darkest Night
Fast Evil -The Midnight Force
Forced Entry – Same
GARGOYLE – The Deluxe Major Metal Edition
HALLOWS EVE – Tales of Terror
Headcrasher – Nothing will Remain
Headhunter – Same
Hell Gun – Kings Of Beyond
Hyghlander – No Time for Dreamers
INFERNAL ASSAULT – Spectres of the Night
Insane – Wait and pray  
INSULTERS – Metal Still Means Danger
Iron Angel – Winds of War
Jag Panzer – Tyrants
JONAH QUIZZ – Ultimate Anthology
KILLEN – Killen
Kraze – Devil in Disguise
Lanzer – Under a different Sun
Lanzer – Black Crusader 
LEGEND – From The Fjords
LIZZY BORDEN – Love You To Pieces
LIZZY BORDEN – Menace To Society
MAGNUS – Scarlet Slaughterer
MAJESTIC RYTE – Majestic Ryte
Messiah- Space Invaders
Metalian – Vortex
Metalian – Midnight Rider
Metal Inquisitor  – The Apparition
METALUCIFER – Heavy Metal Drill
METALUCIFER – Heavy Metal Chainsaw
NECROPHILE – Awakening Those Oppressed
NOCTURNAL – Arrival of the Carnivore
NOCTURNAL – Violent Revenge
OLD – Down with the Nails
PARKCREST – …and That Blue Will Turn to Red
PARRICIDE – Fascination of Indifference
PARRICIDE – Accustomed to Illusion
Portrait – Same 
SACRIFICE – 35th Anniversary Edition 1985-2020
SACROSCUM – Drugs & Death
SADISTIC INTENT – Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth
SIMSON – Delilah
SINISTER ANGEL – Enter The Gates Of Hell
SINISTER WITCH – Sinister Witch
Steelover – Glove me
Stormbringer – Same
Stormwitch – Walpurgis Night
THRASH FORWARD – Thrash Forward Alliance
TRIAL – Scream For Mercy
Twisted Tower Dire – Battle hymns to the pantheon
Tyrant  – Mean machine              
Tyrant – Fight for your life
Urchin – Anthology
VATICAN – Metalmorphosis
Vendetta – Go and live stay and die
Vodu – Seeds Of Destruction
Warhead – Speedway
XEN – Resurrection
ZEB DRAGON – Zeb Dragon

IN SOLITUDE – The World:The Flesh:The Devil