Distro update + lots of distro stock priced down

Huge distro update + lots of distro items which have been in the shelves for a while are priced down. Check the cheap/bargain section!

Distro Update:
Antichrist – Sinful Birth
Arrow – Diary of a Soldier
Black Fate – Commander of Black Fate
Blazon Stone– Down in the Dark
Cape Of Bats – Violent Occultism
Hypnosia – Horror Infernal
Infant Death – Violent Rites
Infant Death – War
Infant Death – Total Hell
Infant Death – Infant Death DEMO/ Cursed To Damnation demo 10”
Macabra – …To the bone green
Mass Hypnosia – Toxiferous Cyanide
Messiah – Extreme Cold Weather
Metalian – Midnight Rider
Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Metalucifer – Bulldozing it true col LP + DVD
Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Realmbuilder – Blue Flame Cavalry
Ripper – The Exit / Destroy the World
Ripper – Raising the Corpse
Sabbat – Disembody
Satans Hallows –s/t
Stranger – The Bell
Vojd – The Outer Ocean
Vulture – The Guillotine

Luzifer – Black Knight
mTorr – Nordic Iron Age
Sabbat / Bestial Hordes – Sabbatical Bestial Slaughter

Antichrist – Sinful Birth
Desolation – Decapitated
Deathstorm – Storming the Gallows
First Offence – s/t
Infant Death – Violent Rites
Infant Death – Total Hell
Infant Death – War
Mephisto – s/t
Nexis – Reino de Poder 1988-1990
Ninja – Invincible
Pagan Altar – The Room of Shadows
Paul Chain – Life and Death
Paul Chain – Alkahest
Paul Chain – Ash
Paul Chain Violet Theatre – In The Darkness
Protector – Echoes from the Past
Sabbat – The End of the Beginning
Soothsayer – Troops of Hate
Soothsayer – To be a real terrorist
Tony Tears – Follow the Sign of the Times
Toxikull – The Nightraiser
V.A. Condenados al Olvido 4
V.A. Condenados al Olvido 5
Viuda Negra – Tolgar los habitos
Walhalla – Tiempos de Crom 1986-1988

Armour – Sonichouse Tape Bolivian Invasion
Bulldozer – The Day of Wrath
Bulldozer – The Final Separation
Communion – s/t
Hate Them All – Last Feast with the Beast
Hellhammer – Triumph of Death
Hellhammer- Satanic Rites
Pagan Altar – The Room of Shadows
Toronto – Toronto

Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Sabbat – Envenom into The Witch’s Hole
Sabbat – Disembody