Distro Update August 2019 II

Yet another Distro update in August, because we got in a bunch of new killer items:

Desaster – Hellfires Dominion DLP
Fortress – Fortress
Hellbringer – s/t
Metalucifer – Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Nocturnal Witch – Summoning Hell
Sadistic Intent – Reawakening Horrid Thoughts
Tyrus (pre-HOBBS’ ANGEL OF DEATH) – s/t
Witching Hour – Past Midnight
Vulcano – Live

Evil – The Gate of Hell


Angus – Track Of Doom
Angus – Warrior Of The World
Bursting Out / Wifebeater – Drunk and Dangerous
Bursting Out – Outburst of Blasphemy
Eurynomos – The Trilogy (Singles)
The Force – Awakened by Lightning
Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred
Maniac –  Look out
Maniac – Maniac
Medusa Touch – Terror Eyes: The Anthology
Night Prowler – No Escape
Nocturnal – Arrival of the Carnivore
Nocturnal – Storming Evil
Nocturnal Breed – Fields of Rot
Nocturnal Breed – No Retreat no Surrender
Nocturnal Breed – The Tools of the Trade
Ripper – The Exit / Destroy the World
Ripper – Experiment of Existence
Violator – Scenarios of Brutality

Apostasy – Sunset Of The End
Bonehunter – Rabid Sonic Fire
Ectoplasma – Cavern of Foul Unbeings
Ectoplasma – Cryogenically Revived
Ewig Frost – Dirty Tales
Fortress – s/t
Gates – Back from the Grave
Gomorrah – Reflections Of Inanimate Matter
Ice War – We will stand
Indian Nightmare – Taking back the Land
Lethal Night – Vision in the Night
Opprobrium – The Fallen Entities
Overhaul – Rock n Roll Fuel
Raging Fire – Caught in the Game
Satanic Threat -In to Hell
Stallion – Rise And Ride
Zex – Fight for Youself