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DVP 124 Vigilance – Enter the endless Abyss LP / CD

After 10 years of raging through the underground, Slovenian Vigilance make their boldest strides forward in songwriting, fittingly incoporating some new influences into their sound, yet never leaving their trademarks behind. Great blackened heavy speed metal with rough vocals that any fan of first wave black metal, NWOBHM and traditional heavy metal will appreciate. Imagine a bastard of Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Venom and Bathory. The 8 tracks on this fourth album showcases their best effort so far.

Regular vinyl edition on black wax, with insert, poster and sticker.
Special vinyl edition on purple wax, with insert, poster, sticker and woven patch.

CD version with sticker. (Will follow next week)


DVP 120 Road Warrior – Power MC
After a killer (yet too short!) demo tape on HMH and Heavy Chains Records, the Australians are finally here to unleash their debut album. The great Mad Max-style cover raises expectations and Road Warrior are here to meet them. The three piece has been active in all kinds of well known bands such as Cauldron Black Ram, Mournful Congregation, Johnny Touch, Martire or Stargazer and simply cannot fail in reviving the feeling of old Priest, Maiden, Twisted Sister or Riot. Unless many other new metal bands they also manage to release an album which sounds homogenous yet never the same or repetitive.

Special edition with sticker and woven patch.

Flight – A leap through Matter PATCH
70’s proto metal from Norway, official patch, lim. 100.


Hitten – Twist of Fate PATCH
Traditional heavy metal from Spain, official patch, lim. 100.


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DVP 128 Aggressive Perfector – Satan’s Heavy Metal MCD
Manchester’s new power trio Aggressive Perfector unleashed a limited 4-track demo in 2016 but the thrashing speed metal on it was too good to remain unheard by so many. So just before the guys are ready to deliver their debut album (also on DVP), it was decided to enhance the demo with a 5th track and re-release it. Great Thrash/Speed Metal for the maniacs that want their metal rough!
Comes with a sticker.

Antichrist – Logo METAL PIN
Savage Thrash from Sweden, , official metal pin, lim. 150.

Flight – Logo METAL PIN
70’s proto metal from Norway, official metal pin, lim. 100.


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