First issue of the zine was released in 06, but as I was young and inexperienced, the result was very mediocre. With each issue and passing years the single issues became better and better and at the moment issue 11is the latest. In the beginning everything that wasn’t pure thrash was declined, but in the last few issues you could find some sparkles of different genres and this will go on, just how I want it to be.

Thrash Attack zine #11 – 84 pages
(Ashbury, Black Viper, Black Virgin, Cirith Ungol, Eternal Champion, Mark Riddick, Rapid, Raging Death Date, Ripper, Torpedo, Vulture)

Thrash Attack #10 – 212 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Assassin, Backwater, Beer Pressure, Blizzard, Chainsaw, Cruel Force, Darkness, Deathfist, Deathrow, Defender, Desaster, Erazor, First Aid, Holy Moses, Harris Johns/Music Lab Studios, Iron Angel, Living Death, Mad Butcher, Messerschmitt, Monumentor, Necronomicon, Nocturnal Witch, Outrage, Paradox, Poison, Poseidon, Pyracanda, Rezet, Slaughter Command, Succubitch, Torment, Unscared, Vampyr, Vendetta, Violent Force, Wardance, Warrant)

Thrash Attack #9 – 136 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Abattoir, Antichrist, Children of Technology, Destructor, Flames, Necrolisis, Riotor, Whipstriker, Witchcurse)

Thrash Attack 8  – 88 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Harbringer, Wastelander, Division Speed, Necronomicon Beast, Witchtrap, Revenge (Gre), Comando Nuclear, The Force, Savage Grace)

Thrash Attack 7 – 72 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Bastardator, Hellhound (US), Ketzer, Iron Kobra, Power from Hell, Warhammer, Nasty Savage)

Thrash Attack 6 – 60 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Rigor Mortis, Witchaven, Abigail, Cutthroat, Barbatos, Eliminator, Chörnyj Woron, Morbid Saint)

Thrash Attack 5 – 60 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Bulldozer, Witches Hammer, Baphomet’s Blood, Hellish Crossfire, Enforcer, Banished Force, MAOT)

Thrash Attack 4 – 52 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Hirax, Sodomizer, Blood Feast, Flageladör, Einsatzkommando, Infernäl Death, Witching Hour)

Thrash Attack 3 – 52 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Strikemaster, Antacid, Witchburner, Evil Army, Executioner, Deathhammer, Blood Quest)

Thrash Attack 2 – 40 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Toxic Holocaust, Minotaur, Merciless Death, Meltdown, Trench Hell, Redimoni)

Thrash Attack 1 – 40 pages, OUT OF PRINT!
(Tankard, Gama Bomb, Nocturnal, Sauron)